The Program

Red River Family Encampment

Red River, New Mexico

June 25-29, 2016



JUNE 25-29, 2016 


Saturday: June 25

4:00 PM- “Where the Spirit of the Lord Is” Edwin F. White, Phoenix, AZ

7:00 PM- “There Is Transformation” Jim McGuiggan, Nashville, TN


Sunday: June 26

9:15 AM- “There Is Remembrance” (Lord’s Supper) David Lough, Canyon, TX

10:00 AM- “There Is Glory for Christ” Ralph Gilmore, Jackson, TN


7:00 PM- “There Is Freedom” Jerry G. Houston, San Antonio, TX


Monday: June 27

9:30 AM- “There Is Freedom” Wes McAdams, Abilene, TX

10:00 AM- “There Is Love” Dan Chambers, Brentwood, TN


7:00 PM- “There Is Love” Billy McGuiggan, Richmond, VA


Tuesday: June 28

9:30 AM- “There Is Love” Chris McCurley, Abilene, TX


7:00 PM- “There Is Community” Jeff Jenkins, Lewisville, TX


Wednesday: June 29

9:30 AM- “There Is Community” Tim Lewis, Oklahoma City, OK

10:00 AM- “There Is Truth” Chuck Monan, Little Rock, AR


6:00 PM- “There Is Truth” Gordon Dabbs, Dallas, TX

7:00 PM- “There Is Glory for Christ” Bill Watkins, Nashville, TN

(Please note:  Though some of our topics are repeated they are different lessons on same topic; no repeats)


8:00 AM Early Bird Classes Sun, Monday, Tuesday

Jim McGuiggan and Dan Chambers 

10:30 Classes Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Warren Baldwin, Ralph Gilmore, Keith Harris, Tim Lewis, Billy McGuiggan, Trey & Lea Morgan, Chris Swinford, Michael Whitworth

10:30 Ladies Class Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Ashley Hudson, Madill, OK


Classes for Children Age 1 year-5th Grade Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Directed by Ray Candelaria

Teen Classes Morning and Evening Directed by Hal Blackburn, Joey Cummings

College/Young Singles Directed by Tom Washburn, Doug Johnson



NOW is the time for you to make your housing reservations in Red River, New Mexico for our 30th encampment. Go to WWW.REDRIVER.ORG for a list of housing options. Most lodges will accept your reservation beginning in February, some earlier. Many of them have on-line reservations. Please pay attention to the limits each lodge will place on your reservation: when you can cancel, how many days you must book, etc.

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