The Program

Red River Family Encampment

Red River, New Mexico

June 24-28, 2017

RRFE Program…. June 24-28

June 24:  10 AM-2 PM:  Tim Archer, Abilene, TX “Spanish Only Program” Lunch Provided

8:00 AM Early Bird Classes:   Chris Swinford, Lubbock, TX- Conference Center

Ralph Gilmore, Jackson, TN- Tent of Meeting

10:30 AM Classes:

Dan Chambers, Antioch, TN- Conference Center

Trey & Lea Morgan, Childress, TX- Tent of Meeting

Gary Bradley, Huntsville, AL- Small Tent

John Reese, Cedar Park, TX- Small Tent

Jacob Hawk, Wichita Falls, TX- Small Tent

Tim Lewis, Oklahoma City, OK- Small Tent

Keith Harris, Little Rock, AR- Small Tent

John Orr, Wichita Falls, TX- Small Tent

Billy McGuiggan, Richmond, VA- Small Tent

Tim Harris, Abilene, TX- Small Tent

Jessica Prude, (Ladies’ Class), Artesia, NM- Small Tent nearest Tent of Meeting

Saturday, June 24:

4 PM- “I Love To Tell the Story,” John Reese, Cedar Park, TX

7 PM- “Of Unseen Things Above,” Gary Bradley, Huntsville, AL

8 PM- “I Love To Tell Stories,” Paul Shero, San Angelo, TX- Conf. Center

Sunday, June 25:

9 AM- “I Love to Remember the Story,” David Lough, Canyon, TX (Communion)

10 AM “Of Jesus and His Glory,” Dan Chambers, Antioch, TN

7 PM- “Of Jesus and His Love,” James A. Maxwell, Seattle, WA

8 PM- “I Love to Tell Stories,” Paul Shero, San Angelo, TX-Conf. Center

Monday, June 26:

9 AM- “Because I Know Tis True,” Ralph Gilmore, Jackson, TN

9:45- “It Satisfies My Longings,” Jason Moon, Richardson, TX

7 PM- “More Wonderful It Seems,” Billy McGuiggan, Richmond, VA

8 PM- “I Love to Tell Stories,” Paul Shero, San Angelo, TX- Conf. Center

Tuesday, June 27:

9 AM- “It Did So Much For Me,” Chris McCurley, Abilene, TX

6 PM- Children’s Program Concert

7 PM- “Tis Pleasant to Repeat,” Jeff Jenkins, Lewisville, TX

8 PM- Re-pack the tent; set up Conference Center for Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 28:

9 AM- “For Some Have Never Heard,” Chuck Monan, Little Rock, AR

10 A- “For Those Who Know It Best,” Wes McAdams, Plano, TX

6 PM- “When In Scenes of Glory,” Paul Shero, San Angelo, TX

7 PM- “That I Have Loved So Long,” Bill Watkins, Nashville, TN


Children’s Program begins each morning at 9:00 and continues until classes are dismissed (except Sunday, when it begins after the Lord’s Supper.) These classes for 1 year old through the 5th Grade. They meet in tents in the park.  Overseen by Ray Candelaria, Rio Rancho, NM


Teen Program begins at the same time as Adult Classes. They meet at the Auslander Condos. Includes 6th Grade through 12th. Hal Blackburn, Boys Ranch, TX and Joey Cummings, Plains, TX


College & Young Singles begins at same time as Adult Classes and meets in the Meeting Room in the back of Lifts West Hotel- Doug Johnson, San Angelo, TX & Tom Washburn, Brownwood, TX

NOW is the time for you to make your housing reservations in Red River, New Mexico for our 31st encampment. Go to WWW.REDRIVER.ORG for a list of housing options. Most lodges will accept your reservation beginning in February, some earlier. Many of them have on-line reservations. Please pay attention to the limits each lodge will place on your reservation: when you can cancel, how many days you must book, etc.

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