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History of Red River Family Encampment …

First meeting in Red River, New Mexico on fourth Sunday of June of 1987. 

Attendance was over 400.

THE Dream of Harold and Sally Paden, Missionaries in Northern New Mexico; former missionaries to Italy.

First encampment was overseen by the Elders of the Southwest church of Christ, Amarillo, TX:  Lynn Camp, Dick Garrett, Gage Robertson, Vernon Robinett, and Dale Young.

Jerry C. Lawlis, Amarillo, TX was chosen as the Executive Director with the Assistance of Paul Methvin, Director of the Yosemite, CA Family Encampment.   Co-sponsored by the Montgomery Blvd. church of Christ, Albuquerque, NM and the Skillman Avenue church of Christ, Dallas, TX the first year 1987.

Placed under a 501(c)(3) Board in 1989 by the Southwest Elders.  Your donations to RRFE are tax deductible.

First Board was Edwin F. White, Phoenix, AZ- Chairman; Harold Paden, Espanola, NM- Vice-Chairman; Sally Paden, Espanola, NM- Secretary; Vernon Robinett, Amarillo, TX- Treasurer; Brent Adams, Amarillo, TX; Richard Jones, Madill, OK; Paul Methvin, Orangevale, CA, and Gary Williams, Albuquerque, NM.

2021 Board is J. Tom Washburn, Brownwood, TCChairmanVacant at this time-Vice-ChairmanTeresa Johnson, Clovis, NM-Secretary;  Hal Blackburn, Boys Ranch, TX;  Ray Candelaria, Rio Rancho, NM; Ron Johnson, Clovis, NM; Chris McCurley, Abilene, TX-Treasurer; Trey Morgan, Childress, TX;  Tim Paden, Temple, TX;  J. Tom Washburn, also serves as Associate Executive Director, Brownwood, TX.

Jerry C. Lawlis, Amarillo, TX continues to serve as Executive Director of RRFE since 1987.

Largest attendance was over 2,500 in 1999.  Attendance remains near 1,800 each year.

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